sol software

We help solve
Humanity faces major problems, e.g. imbalances in the natural environment.
Many people can work together to improve things in their communities and countries.
Communication over the Internet is very useful for managing this work.
The sol team has tested many apps for communication and collaboration, and sees room for improvement.


Our apps let you manage very well your communication, work and information.
You can advertise content, products and services.
You are notified more effectively: less stress and better relationships.
You earn by publishing articles in our encyclopedia.
You earn by helping people apply the information in our encyclopedia.


You find faster an employee or a job.
You can run a press organization.

We do better

We design interfaces better. We take your feelings and behavior into account.
We guide you better. We integrate our software guides better into our apps and our team supports you more comprehensively.


  • We let you centralize your communication at one Web address.
It's simpler: you don't need to switch from your e-mail app to your messaging app, networking app, blog or website. All these are included.
  • You can format all your messages richly.
That is more than in e.g. Google Plus.
  • Threaded messages
You can join the discussion where you want and take it where you want.
  • You can label a profile or a message and place the label in a network.
You have more power to organize things, e.g. you name relationships, and we give you a better overview.
  • You combine files and app objects as you please.
When you create a poll in Google Plus, you can add only pictures.
  • Vote up / down any message.
Mostly unavailable in mainstream apps.

  • You choose the languages in which you communicate and search.
For instance, when you visit somebody's profile you can choose to view what they have posted in a certain language.
  • One message type
All your written communication can be based on this type, from plain or formatted text to articles that include files, snippets and other useful things.
All messages are equal. You can participate in the conversation with the same means as all other authors.
  • Linked conversations
You can find the originator and see the branches. When you find, you understand more. When you are found, you are valued more.
  • Notification types
You can turn on / off each notification type.
You can choose a color for each notification type.
You can manage levels of notifications, so that those you don't want to miss are more conspicuous, at least for some time.
You can manage notification schemes, e.g. turn on notifications from those who help you work or have fun.
  • App statistics
You can view charts and networks of users and messages. This helps you e.g. find a more useful audience.

What other improvements do you ask from us?


We help you build teams and work in teams.
  • You can customize graphically pleasing file templates.
They are not available in Podio. You will be able to work faster and impress more.
  • You know your co-worker's background.
Other apps only indicate their e-mail address.
  • You can collaborate on encyclopedia articles.
What other things are missing from the apps you have used?

Information management
We provide more information of higher value.
  • We organize it in an excellent encyclopedia.
  • We help you use it in your life and business.
  • We help you create and manage content.
  • We help you share information effectively.