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about translation, the most difficult work / part 5

During my translator career I haven't liked these things:
disrespect toward linguists, clients and translation userstoo little communicationProcedures were incomplete or unclear, or they were introduced late instead of being agreed upon in the beginning.poor paymentIn many cases, clients themselves didn't care much about translations. We should serve people only when those services are useful to them.I have translated mainly for companies, usually for companies that destroy the environment.
We must preserve our environment. It actually preserves itself; we hardly ever need to do anything.
I would have gladly translated for better purposes. They would have had to pay me. Where does money come from? If they don't steal the money (as governments do), whoever pays me must provide a service. 

How do we provide services?

In natural ways:
We talk: teachers, speakers, advisers, sellers, clericsWe walk.We think: planners, doctorsWe sing.We dance.We act.We practice sports.We carry things …

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