my life

I want to always remember what it means to be alive.
We want to feel good.

Early in my life I noticed that we don't feel as good with every person; moreover, some of them make you feel bad. And it seems that the people in this category have a fundamental flaw; they may inherit some hatred from their parents or be abused in their early years.
Have you ever thought that you'd find better a society in which you'd get along with many more people?
What do we like in people?
We like a beautiful face, a harmonious face, a bright face, and a peaceful face.
We like playing and laughing.
We like singing and dancing.
I will keep looking for beautiful faces, eyes and heads.
I will listen to such people and perceive whether their voice and words are beautiful.
The most important thing is for a person to express oneself. One can live together with somebody else as many and intense feelings as much this expresses themselves.
I will spend time in nature with people.
possible methods:
I use a networking application to find people and a calling application to talk with them. 
If we enjoy our talks, we may decide to spend time in nature together.
I make a living providing services over the Internet.