Human Nature S01E03

I like spending time in the forest. I am dreaming of summer nights with singing, dancing, laughter, playing, poetry, and telling stories. I cannot add "daydreaming" here; this seems a weakness of the English language. The single thing to do during our lives is to communicate. We also communicate when we eat or sleep together with other people. We communicate deeply when we make love. (Love doesn't seem something to be made; what beautiful way is there to refer to this in the English language?) It is way too easy to have sex with a woman. We ignore heavily the fact that our nervous system experiences sexual intercourse as a unity that is created for life with one's partner. I do enjoy sexuality, but I stopped fucking some women because that was a mistake. There are also many women whom I find unfuckable. You may have heard other men saying that they wouldn't mate with some (sorts of) women.
It is essential to spend much of one's life among people one likes.
One is raised by a family.
We must allow people to spend their days with whom they please and help them be aware of their choices.
People live in groups.
Each relationship between humans is unique.
I dream of a woman, and this dream includes hardly any images. I have an idea of how she'd make me feel. I dreamt several times of women whom I've never met and with whom I imagined that I would fall in love or I was falling in love. 
I haven't communicated clearly with any person who cares about the entire Earth. I see people say on the Internet that they care about the Earth, but we have hardly ever talked. I want to meet people who find it easy to express deep feelings including in public and who let these feelings show in their actions. Now some people are in the streets, shouting that we must help our environment rebalance. I am not there. 
Sincerity impresses me. What do people feel? Many times they feel hurt. And we do hurt each other a lot. This is the main cause of death. If we talk more and pay more attention, we understand psychology and situations better, and we hurt less. It becomes more and more difficult for people to hurt us and we have more chances to be fulfilled. Where are the people with more patience and a higher intelligence? Most people are in such a hurry! Why would they pay attention to you when they can look at a screen? How did we ignore each other when there were no screens? We would watch shows and play games. Why live our lives when we can waste them?(!) And after a game or two we'd be in a hurry because we'd need food. And we'd start cursing and we'd make poor relationships traditional. I don't want to live in this tradition. There have always been good relationships, too. I want to live peace with other people. We will respect each other. We will tend to each other's needs. We will listen to each other very carefully. I've met too many people who think that I pay too much attention to them or too much attention in general. While we're destroying everything because we care too little.
My current followers in the social networks do not contact me about doing anything serious. This is not completely true. There seem to be some exceptions on Google Plus. We do hardly any business and nothing for our environment or health. I will keep looking for people who want to make improvements, I will invite them to talks that will be available online, e.g. on my YouTube channel, and I will act together with the most valuable people. Others will follow.
facebook and Google take measures to prevent people from communicating well. I am building applications that will help people communicate very well across the world. I will still use Google services for a while. It is bad that they have disconnected Plus from Hangouts. I will let you use similar applications and also more applications in what combinations you want, so that you reach your goals. One of my goals is to meet people whom I will love. They must write or say something that expresses their love for something or somebody. My team communicates well with you; I know no other team of developers of networking apps who does this.
We use some of the best computers, watch out for advances in their technology and can help you create computing environments that serve you very well.