Mankind is not kind

A translation of this title into Old English were: Man's offspring is not natural.
Were those Germanic people right? Should we finally understand the differences between us and a (large) number of other animals or are we going to see that there are no essential differences? Either of these instances would make us more peaceful and we might stop being an important threat to nature.
What other things threaten nature?
We are afraid of comets, changes in the energy of the Sun and of the Earth, but we hardly know anything about the universe, we don't understand such energies and we cannot influence them so that we prevent them from creating huge imbalances in nature.
Some people are surprised that nature's main imbalance starts in our nervous system.
We have been destroying rocks, soil and beings, and we have been soiling the air and the water.

1. We do this because we are afraid that someone would kill us. 

We are sometimes afraid of things, but a more important problem is that we tend to imagine that behind many things (or beings) there are intelligent forces that live to kill us.

1.1 We are afraid of the soil

Latins call solum the soil and sol the sun. They may have been less afraid of the soil.
1.1.1 We are afraid that dust covers our skin and hair. How old is this fear? I find this fear difficult to understand. Please tell me what you know about it! Air takes dust from Sahara over the Atlantic ocean into the Amazon basin and supports one of our largest ecosystems. What are these systems? They include many beings that keep us alive. The beings that we hate so much! We actually hate everything, including people. Citizens are more afraid of dust than peasants, and city dwellers stir more dust and produce unnatural dusts.
1.1.2 We are afraid of soil mixed with water. It's more difficult to see whether there is something in the mud that can sting or prick one's skin. Marshes are no stable terrain.
But we are mainly water and the water mixed with soil hosts the processes that feed us.
1.1.3 We don't like soil on our skin and clothes. This is a city fear. Peasants don't really feel it.

1.2 We are afraid of changes in the air.

1.2.1 We fear that the air becomes too cold.
This is why we burn a lot of biomass and gas.

2. We are afraid that we don't see dangers. We want everything clearly lit.

That is why we clear forests.

3. Healthy fears

Nature rarely kills people, but we feel a healthy fear towards things that can kill or hurt us or can make us lose control, mainly our foothold.
3.1 That the wind might fell a fir tree and the tree might hit us.
3.2 That a beech branch might fall and hit us.
3.3 That we unawares scare a poisonous snake into biting us and we would suffer or die.
3.4 That a change in the weather can make us feel discomfort for some hours or even fall ill. But this is not dangerous; it's part of life.
3.5 That a river may drag us and we might die.
In order for this to not happen, we can be cautious and keep control with our limbs and also act in a group or keep a safe distance from rivers.
3.6 That we fall and hurt ourselves or even die.
We laugh when somebody falls and find falling stupid. Maybe it's stupid because our hands have less contact with the soil and the trees than those (front paws) of other animals.
The main cause of falls are the shoes. Why are we the only species that feels cold in the soles?
Latins call solum the sole. Did they feel more comfortable barefooted?