Web conferences

I use Google Hangouts to talk with more people at once. When I organize a conference:
  • My Hangouts have a length of about 90 minutes. This time can be divided almost equally among all speakers.
  • A microphone is enough for each speaker.
  • I decide when it's each person's turn.
  • Participants can make suggestions about the Hangout before it starts.
  • I greet each person who joins, as soon as possible and at least in writing.
  • We will show respect to all participants.
  • If we perceive microphonics, I or the person with the source will mute that microphone for when they do not speak.
  • We should not interrupt any speaker, but I find such interruptions acceptable: exclamations, one-word utterances and enthusiastic speeches. Should you be interrupted, we will listen to you again as soon as possible.
  • Sincere and constructive contributions are accepted even if off-topic.
  • I respect you for spending a bit of your life with me and I want these conversations to help you by allowing you to express yourself freely and by leading to improvements in your health, wealth etc.
  • I will record some conferences with the participants' consent, so that we can easily invite others to continue the conversations we start.
  • If we are afraid, tense etc. and we express ourselves aggressively (irrespective with how polite words) towards a participant, we should remember that we are not ready for a conversation. We must either relax or leave the conference.
  • We may decide to disconnect someone from the conference. We hope to never meet people who communicate so poorly.