benefits of computing

Google offers the best ways to communicate with people online. This will hold true for some time, even if I mention a few of the innumerable websites (including social networking websites) that I have browsed. Communicating over the Internet can have some benefits.

1. love
I went online first in 2000. Being 23, it was probably too soon to start looking for love online. I was able to meet many women. But soon I started looking on the Internet for the one. I have spent a large amount of time browsing thousands upon thousands of profiles. She's not there.
This is a personal problem, but we have a much larger problem. We do not use the Internet close to its maximum potential.

1.1 One reason is that developers and business people agree and unite very slowly, so you may have heard a few times that technology prevents people from communicating and collaborating well. I'll give you one example.
I've always liked things that Google does, but there was a time when I preferred Skype over Google Talk. The chronological order of the developments (and fashions) seems to have been:

  • Microsoft's Hotmail messenger (replaced with Skype in 2013)
  • Yahoo! Messenger (I started with this one and have never liked Hotmail.)
  • Skype, which has grown to be the standard (free) calling software
  • Google Talk, grown into Hangouts, the best ever designed, integrated with Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube etc.

1.2 Another reason is that people are still not accustomed to computers.
I can live without computers and am not afraid of them. I am also not afraid of you, the people with whom I communicate more and more over the Internet.
It happened to me that, when I invited some people to a Skype call, they replied that they "don't have Skype". I didn't like it. It is rather difficult to accept that someone refuses to communicate with another person because they can use more than one piece of software to communicate. (We could as well refuse to communicate with someone because we can use no software to do this.)
I don't think devices can make one forget one's feelings. I suggest that you do what you feel like. If you feel like communicating with a person, do your best! If you feel like not communicating with a person, say it or write it!

  • Many people do not reply to all e-mails. (You can suggest that we start a discussion about e-mails.) There are several reasons to do so, but most people do want to communicate with you when they write you. The least you can do is to ask them to never mail you again. Anything more than this means that you feel some interest in communicating with them, so be respectful!
  • When you feel that a mail is unclear or insufficient, schedule a call! It's easy and you don't need money for this.
  • Chatting is a bad name for instant messaging. These messages are useful when something is urgent, you have a very short message or in a really casual context.

Most of the time I do invest in communicating with you and start a Gmail conversation or schedule a Google Hangout.
It's improbable that I call a telephone that is across my country's borders. I don't even understand Romanians who write me to call their mobile phone. They have access to the Internet most of the time. Why choose something that is more damaging and more expensive?

If you want to meet a life partner while computing, sort these things out! Prepare mentally to communicate with people comfortably using a computer!
People will continue to get married to somebody whom they meet after they find their online profile. Do not let devices ruin your social life! If you compute, use the computer to your advantage! I'll be here to recommend the best tools, methods and communities.

2013 can be declared the year of the Internet: quite a few things are going on, the Internet is finally acknowledged as a part of our daily life, many products are ripe (or even traditional), important questions are asked, and I think a new Internet age / development wave begins. (You can suggest that we start a discussion about this.)

2. environment
I am one of the people who dream that computers are tools that help us. One of the first things that I thought of upon discovering the Internet was: we will have a huge public library.
Very late, maybe in 2002, I started thinking more seriously about the fact that we are destroying life. Between 1992 and 1994 I was trying to understand religions. Then I started trying to understand souls, and we'll not be done soon. So it took me quite a while to see that people undergo damage not only in their brains, and not only in their bodies, but also externally. For instance, people inhale damaging substances. Who produces these substances?

  • People do.
  • You can say that things like volcanoes do, but they say that volcanoes are one of the things that caused life.
  • Animals release carbon dioxide. But this is completely natural and has caused no killing.

It's really simple. You want to breathe better? Have some people help you!
Can we use computers to achieve this? Yes. If you like somebody and have the same interests and goals, you can support and feed each other back. While computers have caused a lot of damage, we can use them to build some global awareness. I see people everywhere enjoying the fact that they can talk and bond with people from other countries.
If you want better air, I recommend the Wiser community. I represent it in Romania, where I gather people.