They say that 4.5 of 7.2 billion people do not use the Internet. How do they live?

computer users other people
Breathe. Breathe better air.
Sleep (late). Sleep better.
Sometimes walk,
sometimes watch people moving.
Drink. Drink better water.
Communicate; usually call people, write and read. Communicate, e.g. they talk.
Eat fairly neglectfully. Eat, usually without sending someone for the food.
Play; usually watch screens and push buttons. Play, e.g. they dance.

I haven't forgotten the least important thing: work. This may be the most important difference between computer users and other people: computing plays an important role in the work of computer users, while the other people work with older technology or even don't work. Some of them have a more natural access to housing (e.g. without flats and mortgages), water (e.g. without pipes and fees), people (e.g. without long distances and devices) and food (e.g. without stores and refrigerators). Providing for your family or friends is not work.
I haven't forgotten about clothes either. Who grows one's food can grow one's clothes, too.

I will not define the Internet, but I ask: How do people use computers?
I think it's less important how they use smartphones, tablet computers and even the older portable computers, because their main computing habits have been influenced more by their needs and interests than e.g. the screen size.

1. profitable computing
We use computers:
  • to communicate with customersteam mates and providers
  • to do a main or secondary part of the work
  • to control machines and vehicles
  • to exchange funds
The main role of computing is some type of communication, while the main part of the economy is nature, e.g. earth, water and beings. Most of the time we move them around and we have taken the habit to avoid using our muscles, while we eat all the muscles and pulp we can. We use those resources to make tools and machines that move and process the same resources.

2. expensive computing
In our spare time we spend on computing some of our earnings in order to:
  • communicate with more people than ever before
  • find out what's happening in other places
  • enjoy ourselves
  • gather information
What do people post on the Internet?
  • Very much content of low quality, including movies that actually don't show anything or don't tell a story.
  • Some music of high quality, e.g. traditional music
  • Humor, most of it for the easily amused
  • Shows: most of them a waste of time if you don't participate. At the same time, we should actually live something instead of going on some shows, e.g. The Bachelor, and other shows worsen our lives.
  • Documentaries about topical, important or beautiful things and about things that don't matter much.
  • Beliefs, impressions, stories about themselves or others
  • Expertise and information, sometimes valuable
So we waste a lot of spare time using a computer instead of communicating and playing with people. I suggest parties.

How should using computers benefit us?