At 18 I felt interested in psychology (more than before).
Several months before I confessed this I had felt clearly that people would fare worse in the near future and that I am prepared to die. It is better to find death negligible than to focus on it or to think about it in many years of our lives.
I dream of a peaceful life. This life is possible sometimes, but not everywhere and for a long time. Because people are too much afraid that some being is going to hurt or kill them. People are afraid even of beings that don't exist. We experience energetic imbalances and we misinterpret some energy flows. Maybe our nervous system functions differently from those of any other species. We seem to be afraid much longer than them, so we become sick.
How do we solve this?
Some say that we should kill the less valuable human beings, e.g. cowards. This enterprise would fail.
Some say that we must never be afraid. Impossible!
Some people want to leave Earth. It's impossible.
I suggest that (at least almost) each community have their healers. Each of us can be a healer; medicine is a long-held tradition and the best doctors focus on the psyche.
I also suggest that (almost) each person re-create the habit of singing, dancing and playing. The only things that we do are communicate and play.
Our physiology is similar to that of some animals; eating and shelters are not specific to humans.
We seem very sensitive to sounds. What other beings make music?
Many other species play and communicate. We seem to have the biggest problems communicating. Some say that our feeble thinking complicates communication.
I have the feeling that we are immature; maybe a stage in the development of our brain is incomplete.

It seems that nature is as healthy as we are. I want a better health for myself and everyone else.
At about 17 I started researching our psyche and I want to create a work that should add something useful to the history of psychology. I want to build a team that should create a complex work about the human metabolism. This can become a handbook for many, a work that should help man understand himself better and know more peace.
I also want to start a project designed to improve communication among people. I want to build a team that should expand this project and help improve communication between people and nature.
These will be global services provided over the Internet.
I also want to work with people who want to improve the Internet by:
  • contributing to building Web 3.0
  • improving its infrastructure
  • restructuring parts of the Internet and / or creating new structures
I want to help people use the Internet better by:
  • recommending (and working with) the best hardware manufacturers and software developers
  • teaching computing skills globally
  • offering guidance for social communication and cooperation
We'll be 3 billion Internet users in 2014, but we're still too afraid of computers and when people greet us through a computer (especially if it's held in the hand).
I would like us to improve many things. On the Internet, we will probably create no alternative to YouTube, but a networking platform better than Google Plus is possible.

I want to extend this research and create together with many people the encyclopedia of nature, which should be linked to several large encyclopedias that have already been created. This should become a unique work of humanity: the best tool to use any knowledge.
(Some parts will be only connected to this project, because they exist already or they will spin off the main project.)
I want to help people live more healthily and more economically. One method is by helping them find things and people easier on the Internet. (So we're going to help Google Search, too.) I see that we spend a lot of time searching. Communicating and acting must be easier. Both buyers and sellers will probably love this.
I also want to work with people who want to improve Internet payments, which should be safer, simpler and cheaper. This is related to the fact that our service should cost little, e.g. USD 1 for a lifetime subscription. There will probably be more than one team and more than one company, so we might charge such an amount for each service, but this would mean that one user would spend several dollars and be able to use most of human knowledge with the help of the friendliest interface.
We will also make it easy to use some data with the help of specialists and advisers by connecting with a service like Google Helpouts. We will probably allow you to sign in with the data from your Google account, so the integration would be smooth.

I would probably feel happy if I also saw the ultimate online encyclopedia of arts (which would take years to build), historical encyclopedia and so on.
I remember somebody say something like: Give yourself to your family! Give your family to your tribe! Give your tribe to your nation! Give your nation to the world! Give the world to yourself!
I want to live these integrations and give myself to you. I look forward to working with you in order to highten human communication and consciousness, so that you make me happy that I am a human being.