earn with your computer

Many people would like a higher income.
They say that more than 2.5 billion people communicate over the Internet.
How do people earn money using only a computer (or a small and cheap network)?
They communicate and process files.
They inform, entertain, market, advise, program, design, write, translate, keep books, gamble.
Computers transmit images (e.g. text) and sounds. When they use a computer, people focus on text, then on faces, other images and sound. Texts remain the main form of content, images always get people's attention, especially if they present nature, and sounds are used more and more (videos and calls).
  1. Some people perform many duties for their teams or directly for clients.
  2. Some companies have created directories of people who provide services over the Internet and who are usually individuals and rarely teams. I would like to meet somebody with whom to create something better than Fiverr and oDesk.
  3. Many companies, e.g. mine, offer commissions to independent sellers (called affiliate marketers).
  4. Some companies have created directories of artists and entertainers. would like to meet somebody with whom to create something better than ReverbNation and iTunes.
  5. We can create the new news, a portal where you are paid for your content.
  6. I will innovate in the fields of writing. If you would work with me, let us discuss how to make it easy for who needs something written in any language to buy from writers.
  7. I will always use polls and votes. A voting system is essential and a business can be developed using little more than a voting system: Vote on anything on Earth and we may award you a prize!
  8. I would create a lottery in which it's more probable to win and cheaper to participate.
  9. Can we create a platform that tracks one's shares e.g. on Google Plus and pays one sales commissions? To keep communication natural (or "organic"), the sharer will not know whether he receives a commission. We would allow companies to repay advertisers with money-equivalent goods and services.
  10. I want to create a platform where one can express one's needs. People will flock to fulfill them. 1 billion users pay USD 190 per year to be allowed to fulfill needs.
  11. We can create similar platforms that provide information e.g. about transportation or medical services.
  12. We can create platforms to provide prompt assistance.
  13. We can create the ultimate website for hosting digital content (advertising, sales, donations, subscriptions, ticketing etc.). If Google does something like integrating Wallet with YouTube, this project becomes more difficult.
  14. I would try to create a damned good payment service (see PaySwarm).
  15. Are scenarios like the following one possible? Somebody wants to decrease pollution somewhere. Some people talk with the stakeholders and the polluters, and help achieve this goal. Other people pay these negotiators. Roles change and overlap.
  16. I want to help food providers with tools like RipeNearMe.
You can earn with your computer if you create content, advertise, share knowledge, negotiate or provide food.