start a business with no money

I have heard many people saying that they don't start producing something because they don't have enough money.
We sell products and services and we provide services in order to create products.
In order to provide these services, we need at least food, shelter and tools. We usually have a shelter. Let's say we have some tools. But we don't make ends meet: we need at least money to cover our current personal expenses during the first 3 months.
We can ask somebody to provide for us for a while or we can start gathering some capital.

  1. We can earn the capital by providing other services.
  2. We can sell or rent some property.
  3. We can borrow some money. We can give shares that we will repay by reimbursing the borrowed capital.
  4. We pitch for donations. I know ways to do this.
  5. We invite many people to buy tiny shares in the company.
  6. We sell some things, e.g. subscriptions, in advance.

The money will come from people who buy our services.
We can discount prices for early buyers or offer bonuses to people who invest early or much.
I may add methods or details, but my intention is to start a conversation.