Pay you to protect the environment?

Nature has lost its balance. Before it starts to balance again, many people will increase the present imbalances.
Hardly anything can be changed in the history of mankind and, unfortunately, in the history of nature. But some of us will continue to brake the destruction.
People will destroy much less when their fear of death dwindles. That's why I support the people who try to make somebody happy.
Unlike maybe any other being, we are in the habit of doing something. Many years ago some people saw that we are better off when we stay natural, as the other beings, who don't do anything; that is, they don't work. So I support people who work less.
Dizziness is a normal word and business is an idiotic one. When we stay busy, we don't live and we kill. For instance, we cut and burn. We don't like things alive.
Take me, for instance: I use a computer all the time. When one uses a computer, one actually uses many computers; that's why we pay for the Internet connection. Computers use electric energy derived usually from magnetic energy generated using the mechanical energy of things moved with thermal energy. So we cut things and burn them to run devices. For instance, in order to extract coal, we destroy some plants, soil, water, animals and air. So billions of people destroy nature everyday. Because we are part of nature, this means that we are trying to kill ourselves.
I do business because I haven't met yet people with whom I can lead a more normal life. I am ready to live a normal life anywhere on Earth.
Money is mainly a means to transform energy, mostly as services. "Give me money if you want me to destroy something for you."
People earn money by working in teams (e.g. as employees or shareholders). Services are provided mainly because people don't take time to provide for themselves and many products are shipped because we have the stupid habit of showing off when we show somebody something: "I bet you haven't seen a banana before." Coffee is a more powerful example, because it is useless and the coffee providers destroy a lot in order to provide it.
2013 is a year dedicated to water because the drinking water has become scarce. One reason is the production of coffee.
People need air, water and plants. They don't need to trade these things. But we have built houses into which we pump drinking water and out of which we pump shitty water.
Many people, named environmentalists, say that they try to reduce pollution. They usually ask for money. You have money if you destroy(ed) something and must destroy something to send the money. The environmentalists may need food. Almost OK. They may need weapons to fight the polluters. OK. But I would not invest in an awareness campaign, because after millions of campaigns we actually destroy more. And why pay somebody to talk on your behalf?
In order to live, work or fight, one only needs a group of people. Work is not a part of life, fight is. I want to live and I will fight those who attack me. Destroyers are attackers and some people want to fight them. Because some people who want to fight destroyers say they need more money, I ask myself if I can finance their fight.
If they lack resources, they can:
1. Enlarge their group.
If they receive money, they will spend it. (Money has so little value that few people keep it.) So they will pay people to work for them. The people who act together with you are more valuable than service providers. It is better to obtain the necessary resources with the help of the current group and probably of new group members.
So, instead of giving a group past time by donating, we'd better give them future time by fighting together with them.
2. Provide services.
I will use my profit to protect nature.
I will buy from those who do the same.